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0. Definitions.

The EKU Championship Regulations regulate issuing of the following Champion Titles:

  • Estonian Junior Champion (EST J CH);
  • Estonian Show Champion (EST V CH);
  • Baltic Junior Champion (BALT J CH);
  • Baltic Champion (BALT CH);
  • Estonian Lure Coursing Champion (EST M CH);
  • Estonian Agility Champion (EST AG CH);
  • Estonian Working Champion (EST IPO CH, EST VPG CH, EST PJK CH, EST SK CH, EST KK CH).

1. Obtaining the title Estonian Junior Champion.

1.1. The title Estonian Junior Champion (EST J CH) is obtained by the dog, who has received three Junior Certificates (JUN CAC) from three different judges.

1.2. JUN CAC (JUN SERT) – a rosette with blue outer and white inner circle and a blue and a white streamer, on the blue streamer the letters “JUN SERT” appear. In the very centre of the rosette, the gold-white Estonian Kennel Union logo is presented. The blue and white colour must correspond to those of Estonian Flag.

1.2.1. JUN CAC is obtained by „Excellent” 1st in Junior Class; JUN CAC is awarded separately for both sexes in all all FCI and EKU approved breeds.

1.2.2. In case the „Excellent” 1st may not accept JUN CAC, the judge awards JUN CAC to the next-in-line dog with qualification „Excellent”, who may accept JUN CAC.

1.2.3. JUN CAC may only be awarded on the shows, that have been entered to the official EKU Show Calendar.

1.3. Dogs, who have already received the Junior Champion title of a FCI (recognised) country, need one JUN CAC, to obtain the title Estonian Junior Champion.

1.4. The dogs, meeting the following conditions, may not accept JUN CAC:

  • the dog has already obtained Estonian Junior Champion title;
  • the dog has already obtained a JUN CAC from the given judge;
  • the dog has already received three JUN CAC from three different judges.

1.5. In case the JUN CAC has been awarded incorrectly, the EKU Office may annul it and/or award it to the next dog entitled to receiving the JUN CAC.